Pho Menu Tray

July 30th, 2010

Seattle area “Pho Phan” sends us this photograph of her pho menu tray. She writes:

I have a 24” square Bradford Tray from Pottery Barn. So I can decorate it for holidays or for whatever suits me, my husband had a piece of beveled glass cut to place inside. I decided to take my collection of takeout pho menus and business cards and place them under the glass. The tray is a perfect size for two big piping hot bowls of pho and all the fixin’s and utensils!

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One Response to “Pho Menu Tray”

  1. Gilbert says:

    Just found your site! Gonna try my luck in finding a decent pho place in New York tomorrow for lunch. I have been a pho lover since I first moved to Houston 15 years ago, where we had tonnes of pho places.