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What the Pho T-Shirt
Often imitated but never quite as good. Show your pride with a pho-themed t-shirt.

What is Pho?

Phở (fuh) n.
Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Phởnatic (fa-nat-ik) n.
One who loves to eat Pho.
PhởFever (fuh-fee-ver) n.
A website devoted to spreading knowledge and appreciation of Pho.

Learn more about Pho

Read our comprehensive guide to pho menus, pho ingredients and pho bowl sizes.

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Sriracha Hot Sauce Catches Fire

Sriracha ranks high among the ranks of important pho condiment sidekicks. Here’s a fun article about Huy Fong and the sauce’s creator, David Tran:

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Seattle Pho-Natics

Seattle Pho-natics is a group of pho-lovers that meet once or twice a month to sample different pho restaurants in Seattle. The club’s president, Sean Hoops, wrote to inform us they have over 150 members nationwide with up to 30 members showing up for a meeting.

Here is a video of their recent visit to Pho So 1:

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