Crock Pot Pho

August 17th, 2009

Pho in a Crock Pot by SteamyKitchen
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It takes hours and hours to make a good pot of pho. Cooks sometimes simmer their broth overnight and for 10 or more hours! So using a slow-cooker or crock pot to make pho seems like a logical and convenient way to make pho broth. Imagine how awesome it would be to walk in the door after a long day and be greeted by the delicious aroma of pho?

Jaden at SteamyKitchen offers this simple recipe for making pho in a crock pot. A crock pot, she notes, is perfect for simmer pho broth because the heat produced is not too high and can result in less evaporation than simmering on a stove. It’s critical not to skip the important steps of par-boiling the beef bones and charring the ginger and onion to produce clear, flavorful broth she adds.

Crock Pot Pho Recipe by SteamyKitchen

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Australia Pho Restaurant Directory

August 14th, 2009

Australian Flag
Calling all Aussies! We just added the third country to our Pho Restaurant Directory: Australia. There are currently about 50 locations listed with the majority clustered around Sydney and Melbourne.

Adding a directory for Australia made a lot of sense because of the large population of Vietnamese living there. You can read more about the background of pho in Australia on

Please help us get the word out to Australian phonatics, Vietnamese food lovers and Australian bloggers so we can keep the directory updated with new restaurants and reviews.

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2,000 Pho Restaurants

August 7th, 2009

Earlier this week the 2,000th restaurant was added to the pho restaurant directory. We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and assistance with restaurant submissions and reviews.

The 2,000th entry was Drunken Noodle located in Fargo, North Dakota. Previously there were no pho restaurants listed anywhere in North Dakota. Now we know of at least two listings — both located in Fargo.

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