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Pho Huong Moi

6901 Security Blvd #3042 Restaurant Closed
Baltimore, MD 21244
(410) 944-8623
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User Reviews

The waiting staff is very nice and friendly. The food comes out promptly and tastes very good! One of the best vietnamese resturants in the Baltimore area! I will recommend this place to everyone that loves pho!

Delicious place in the mall.

This space is dead!The food is ok,only one vietnamese resturant in the mall..

PHO Scotty
I love eating my pho here. The fixins are tasty and plentiful. The service is always friendly (event to those of us that don't speak the language). I think the peanut sauce they serve with the Goi Cuon is the best in the area. I eat here at least once a month and would recommend it to anyone.

Ya Digg
This restaurant is dead but the food and service is great. I don't know why its not crowded.
I suggest they use more advertisements.
I love the com thit suong and the pho #1.

I wonder if the owner plans to open somewhere else. I am really really going to miss this place. I wish I knew how to contact to the owners to see if they will open elsewhere. If anyone knows please post!!

Jerry J
I'm sorry this closed but I've found the very best Pho in Maryland, actually the best I've had anywhere (Portland, Houston, DC). It's in Gambrills so a bit of a haul from Baltimore but it is AMAZING. If you are craving pho and want the best, go to VN Noodle House. You will love it and be spoiled.

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Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)
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