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Pho Saigon

8101 S. Quebec St. Unit C
Centennial, CO 80112
(303) 694-6494
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User Reviews

Jason Rank
Great, I have Pho in many cities this place is Great, The only negative is that they do not refill drinks fast enough...

This Place has a really good broth, however, it's conveniently located in the burbs which means a skimp ass bowl at a ridiculously high price.

05/14/08 - Ate cha gio as an appetizer and a medium bowl of tai chin nam pho. It was during the 4pm hour on a weekday, and the restaurant was empty, other than a couple grabbing a to go order. The cha gio was fair. Didn't suck, but wasn't the best. The fish sauce was pretty bland. The pho was pretty good. The service was good. Overall, a decent pho joint, especially if you are having a pho attack. I will go there again when on that side of town and in need of a fix.

Location is the only advantage to this place. The pho is very sub par, just be happy its down south where you can not get Pho.

This place is absolutely a GEM in hiding. This place is jam packed everyday with those lucky people who found this treasure. Great food, Great Service!!!

This is a wonderful pho stop. Better broth (IMO) than the Pho Saigon on Arapahoe/Dayton. My 3 yr old can take down an entire bowl of pho tai all on her own. The more often you come the friendlier the service is--they have many regulars and as I became one of them the service level increased from good to superb. This place is crowded at lunch and it's no wonder why!!

I have had Pho here a number of times as I live 'down south' It is at a level with some of the best shops 'up north'. Being one of the only south Pho shops ...They Know Pho.

Pho connoisseur
I have eaten lots of Pho in my day and the broth here is nowhere near what it should be. I live only a mile from this restaurant but I rather drive to Federal and have a good bowl of Pho there. Improve your broth, don't take shortcut and many more will come!

The best in the area!

We eat there a lot. Great Food, Great Price, Great Owner, Great Employees.

Great food, great service. Period.

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