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Pho 4 Mua Restaurant

9866 Grant Street
Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 255-3285
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User Reviews

I've not eaten in any other Pho restraunt; only take out...but the food atmoshere and service is outstanding!

This is my favorite Pho in the Denver area. It's very clean, the food is served fresh and hot and the service is wonderful.

I've eaten in many Pho restaurants. 90% of the time everything here is perfect. Occasionally there will be variances in the portions, however the quality doesn't ever fall below excellent. Also, the service is excellent and the entire staff is very friendly.

CR of Thornton
I have lived in many places and eaten at my fair share of Vietnamese restaurants. This is, by far, one of the best places to satisfy your cravings. The owners and his family are very kind and courteous. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting. The menu has a good variety (Try the grilled marinated pork with eggrolls and steamed rice or's TO DIE FOR!!). The prices are reasonable ($6-9 per entree) and the food is served in a prompt manner and with a smile. You can't beat that! I feel comfortable eating here alone and very proud to bring friends and family here. You will not be disappointed!

I love this place. Service is friendly and fast. Plus I don't feel so out of place when I go by myself during my lunch break from work.

The best Pho restaurant in the greater Denver Metro area!!! better than Pho 79 chain, better than all the rest hands down.

You've gotta be joking. These ratings must be phony. I've only eaten the pho once here (and I probably won't have any again). It's easily the worst broth of any pho in the North Denver area (and I've been to almost all the pho restaurants), and it takes about twice as long to get your order compared to these other places. The combo noodle bowls are pretty good, but you can find better pho at plenty of other places in the area.

VEGETARIANS BEWARE! I am a strict vegetarian who loves Pho. However, the traditional pho broth is beef and not vegetarian. Luckily, some restaurants offer a vegetarian alternative. I went to Pho 4 Mua about two years ago and asked if they had a vegetarian broth. They said yes and showed me their “Vegetarian/Meatless” menu. I was in pho heaven for the next two years, twice a month! However, today I go in and an unfamiliar waiter is taking my order. I ask for the vegetarian pho in the vegetarian broth and he says they don’t have vegetarian broth. Never have! I look at their newly updated menu and sure enough in small writing on their “Vegetarian/Meatless” menu it states that all the vegetarian meals are made with beef broth and fish sauce. I am outraged and disappointed!
If they can lie about their food being vegetarian what else would they lie about? Is the beef really beef? Or maybe it’s cat! Lucky for me I’m not allergic to beef. What if I was? Bad idea to lie about what you are serving Pho 4 Mua!

Awesome spring rolls and noodle bowl!

Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous, I too have eaten at every Phở restaurant on the front range. Hands down this is the best; there broth blows away all others. Not to mention you are treated like one of the family. And maybe it takes so long because they are so busy.

I usually dine in and have dined in 5-6 times. Today I called in a take out order and was told I could pick it up in 10 minutes. When I arrived almost exactly 10 minutes later it was all packaged and ready to go and by the time I got back to my office everything was still hot. The pho is excellent, however the chunks and amount of chicken were less than what I usually get.

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