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Lieu's Vietnamese Restaurant & Coffeehouse

3980 Boat Club Road
Lake Worth, TX 76135
(817) 237-0372
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User Reviews

I now consider myself somewhat of a pho connoisseur as I've been to no less than 10 Vietnamese restaurants in and around the city, including those in the areas populated heavily by Vietnamese. In all honesty, however, this may not qualify me to critique any pho restaurant, as I eat pho in a completely unconventional way. I use no hoisin sauce, no basil, and no chili sauce, Sriracha or otherwise. I simply put in lime and spice the hell out of it with jalapenos. This manner of pho consumption would surely bore any self-respecting person of Vietnamese origin, but I absolutely love it. Also, eating pho this way greatly heightens my sensitivity to the taste of the broths at the different restaurants I go, which ends up being what I concentrate largely on.

Inexplicably, this little gem cropped up in an area of the Metroplex you could hardly have expected. Lake Worth's perhaps in the running as one of the least cultured suburban municipalities in all of our ~6 million person metropolis (that's what wiki says - unbelievable). This may be changing, however, as Lieu's and the nearby O Ishi Sushi have a growing patronage and have received some deserved acclaim from local newspapers.

Any staple you order at Lieu's will quickly tip you off to the superior quality of the food served here. The spring rolls simply taste better. The egg rolls are more lightly fried and are served with the best fish sauce around and a plentiful helping of sweet carrot shavings, mint, and basil, along with large lettuce leaves to wrap it all up with. The tea, although not jasmine, somehow tastes amazing even though Lieu insists it isn't any special blend. Finally, the coup de grace - the best pho anywhere. Lieu explains that the reason her broth may taste so good is that she uses so many bones while making it. That may be, but the ample cilantro and multiple types of onion probably contribute a great deal. The pho comes served with the customary fresh bean sprouts, basil, and jalapenos, but you'll probably get more of each of these than you're used to. And the jalapeno slices must be afforded great respect, lest one be required to sit quietly in pain, emptying glass after glass of tea, until one's palate stops burning.

Sadly, Lieu hasn't even been able to eke out a dime of profit yet, as the Chinese buffet nextdoor absorbs some prospective business and the unfamiliarity with Vietnamese food you'd expect in such a locale deters less adventurous diners. And even though Lieu's doubles as a coffeehouse with an unbelievable selection of coffees, Boba teas, not to mention the hundreds of dishes on her dinner menu (that I am hoping I get around to trying eventually), she has struggled mightily to attract customers. She remains optimistic, though, as do I, that she will develop a level of patronage proportionally relative to the quality of her food. This would be more than enough to overwhelm her quaint, little eatery.

Nicholas Tallant
Lieu's is amazing.

We use to dine at Lieu's until we heard from the waitress that had quit that she recycles the garnishment vegetables ( bean sprouts, jap. peppers, lettuce). Also, the help couldn't speak any English, and the owner was rarely there.

Simply outstanding

My family has enjoyed the benefits of a bowl of pho each Sunday since we were introduced to this wonderful cuisine by a friend in Houston, TX. We moved to Fort Worth in 1995 and began our search for the perfect bowl of pho. Our search ended when we found Lieu's delightful restaurant and coffehouse. Lieu's unique and well prepared soup is a treat for all the senses. We have always found Lieu and her staff to be pleasant and helpful. Lieu is present much of the time and is eager to greet everyone with her own style of personal attention. Yes, some of Lieu's staff has a limited command of the English language but I would have it no other way...this is after all a dive into the Vietnamese culture via the daily staple bowl of pho and our orders are always correctly taken and delivered. Lieu was happy to share with us some of her secrets to a good bowl of soup which I won't publish on this review but I can say her soup is the most consistent we have ever enjoyed because of the way Lieu carefully hand measures and weighs all the ingredients that go into the broth of her soup. We have found our perfect bowl of pho at Lieu's and wish others would try and enjoy the pho at Lieu's.

Having lived in Vietnam and eating Vietnamese food for two years, I can say Lieu's Pho is, by far, the best I have ever tasted. All the Pho selections as well as the full menu are a true taste treat and not to be missed if you are in the area!

Lieu is original and sincere, what you see is what she really is. She has struggled with this business since giving up her donut shop in Saginaw in 2005, which was by far the best this town has ever seen, and many customers dearly miss her since she left. (Willow Donuts and Subs) for anyone that might have ventured in there between 2001 and 2005 know Lieu is the hardest working woman they ever met, having been born in Vietnam as an Asian American child in 1969 she was deprived of any education as, American GI children were not allowed to attend school after our troops withdrew in the 70's. Against all the odds she managed to rise above poverty and was very successful as a business owner employing over 100 people in Vietnam before migrating to the U.S. in the late 90's. Lieu has been the main provider for all of her family in Vietnam before and after arriving in the U.S. and put two people through Medical school, as well as one other through law school. Only recently was Lieu reunited with her father whom she has searched for since she arrived in the U.S. and I'm happy to say that I was the one that brought them together, and that they are cherishing each and every day since that emotional reunion. Her father ( Captain Stallard ) whom served in the 101st Airborne in the Vietnam conflict was unaware that he had fathered a child until recently is quite delighted and welcomed Lieu and his 16 year old Grand son into the family two years ago. It was allways Lieu's dream to have her own restaurant since she arrived in the U.S. and she has done an excellent job bringing the taste of her country to Texas. I traveled to Vietnam twice and was fortunate enough to enjoy dinning with her family many times while over there, and I can say from experience that the menu in her Restaurant matches the food I dined on in Ho Chi Minh to the tee!! If you have never eaten Vietnamese Food and want to experience a taste of the East, then you owe it to your self to try this Resturant!!! Your going to love this place, the food and the pleasant smile Lieu allways has, and I promise your going to be shocked by the 100 plus items on her menu! All of which are true Vietnamese dishes prepared exactly the way you would be served if you spent 24 hrs. on a plane traveling over to her country. A little bit hidden behind The Home Depot in Lake Worth, it's well worth your time!

I have had Pho at alot of Vietnamese restaurants and Lieu's is the best I have ever tasted by far. Everything is fresh and Lieu is a sweetheart. Go visit her. Number 8 is my favorite. And the Egg rolls are the best I have ever tasted in my life and I am 58.

Best pho in town. For a real treat, ask Lieu to make you a side of stir fry broccoli, amazing!

My family has been eating at Lieu's for a few years now, and we have never been disappointed in the quality of food or service there. The staff is always very friendly, and orders are always taken accurately. Lieu is a sweetheart and if she's there she will sit and talk with you as if she had all the time in the world. I have tried many Vietnamese restaurants in this area and am a true "pho snob". Lieu's has the absolute best Pho of any restaurant I have EVER been to. It's that good, it's the best. Unfortunately because of the location of her restaurant Lieu is still struggling to attract customers and build her business. Who would ever think a little Vietnamese restaurant tucked away behind a Home Depot in Lake Worth, TX would be this good? Not me. It took me three years of living in the area and driving past it everyday just to try it, but once you try it, you're hooked. Everyone I have ever brought there has loved it, even people who've never tried Vietnamese food at all! It's so delicious in fact, I'm about to head over there right now, YUM

Really great food. i need a to-go menu or at least a menu online.

Penny Anderson
My husband and I just love to eat @Leiu's as often as we can, the food is perfect every time and the service is great too!

Best pho I have ever had every time! Going there tomorrow...

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