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Pho Duy

945 S Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80219
(303) 937-1609
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Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)

User Reviews

Best in Town
Very Generous Portions

Very good pho, good service, good price! Pho Duy & Pho 79 are definitely the best in town!

Probably the best PHO in town!

Robert B.
The restaurant is conveniently close to Regis University and a great stop for brain food. Speed is brilliant, and the quality of all Pho combonations is flawless. The best Pho Duy in Colorado.

I've only eaten here a few times and I'm impressed. The food was excellent, the portions generous, and the wait staff efficient. Also, all of my Vietnamese friends seem to feel that this location is some of the best Pho in town.

The day we were there, the waiter had a runny nose and eyes, and we saw him wipe with his hand. I do not think he washed his hands afterwards. I was afraid to eat the pho since I did not want his upper respiratory infection! I think this biased my opinion of this place, and I will not return!

Yum Yum, ruins every other Pho place for you.

The pho here is not so bad. There's some times where the pho isn't as good as what I expect, but sometimes it's delicious. This place is not my first choice. It's nice to come here once every few months, but I wouldn't go here every week.

We were quite surprised after reading the reviews here that the pho was not better. Broth was decent but a little bland. No basil served on the side! Maybe they were out, but that made this a little dull. Overall, it's nothing special, in our opinion.

This is the best in Denver, hands down.

This is the best Pho place I have ever been to. I never will go to another one.

I just moved to Denver and had to check out the pho scene right away. I found this place in a review of Vietnamese restaurants online and they said Pho Duy had the best in town. I was immediately impressed when I went. The restaurant is clean and the staff is friendly. The bowls of pho are generous - I could only eat half of a medium bowl! The veggies are very fresh and they give you a lot. The pho itself has an excellent flavor and almost multi-layered broth and the meat is fresh and not fatty; very high quality. I also tried the spring rolls and the rolls were fresh and tasty and the peanut sauce was good with a bit of spice. I already went back for more and am not sure anything can compare to this, although I will check out other places. It was as good if not better than pho I've had in Little Saigon around Orange County, CA, and those people know what they're doing! Highly recommended!

Honestly, this pho can not be matched. The food at Pho Duy is better then every other pho restaurant along federal!

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