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Pho 2006

1955 E.beltline Rd
Carrollton, TX 75006
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User Reviews

Edible pho in a very small, hot, and ratty-looking restaurant. Usually no one in there and can wait minutes for staff to wander out of the back.

Ate there twice to give it a chance, but no more. Too depressing.

Julie Virachack
I wandered into this restaurant one weekend because they are open late (till midnight on weekends) and found that they were under new management (Jan 2007). I could not believe the outstanding quality of service and the food was even more amazing. I had been a loyal customer to another Pho place nearby, but after trying this place out, I fell in love. Everytime I come in there, I'm greeted immediately treated like a VIP. Our food is served in under 10 mins and is the best Pho offered in the area. This place gets 2 thumbs up!

Stephen Vuong
I am Vietnamese, I grew up eating Vietnamese food and living in a Vietnamese household. When I went to this place, NOV 2007, I was AMAZED by the quality of the food. The broth tastes great, but not too much msg, the meat and noodles, what you would usually expect, and the vegetables are fresh as always. I absolutely love this place, and I've been coming back to it ever since my first visit. Also now they have cable tv, so you can watch football while eating delicious pho. However, pho is not the only thing that is on the menu, their flat noodle, fried rice, appetizers, all simply delicious. I would definitely recommend this place to ANYONE, whether you're Vietnamese or not, it's a great place to dine out.

tieu My
I came to this place in Oct 2007, The most thing I like here is the service, All the staff are really friendly. The food is also good, especially, the Pho

They underwent some remodeling, the place looks much cleaner now, and there is a 50 in plasma screen tv, and always football on. Just in time for football season! The food tastes great, the service is wonderful, and overall just improved much in every aspect.

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