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Pho Sooner

775 Jenkins Restaurant Closed
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 701-8039


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User Reviews

Ashley Lynn
It was absolutely delicious!! I had only tried pho once before in the city, but this restaurant has me sold. It also has a great atmosphere inside, very nice and clean. The portions are also huge, which makes them a great deal b/c i can make one regular into two meals.

Okay, I have had LOTS of pho in my time and you cannot go wrong with the pho places in OKC. HOWEVER, Pho Sooner is terrible. Their broth is way too oily & sweet, they don't give you enough herbs, the meat is shockingly hard & overcooked (including eye of round steak!)and the price! The price is almost TWICE anywhere else! Please don't let this place be your only impression of pho...go to the city (Pho Hoa or any other pho place there).

The broth is the best I have had except this one place in Toronto. It doesn't give my mouth a bad after taste. Their regular bowl is as big as most places large bowl. The restaurant is really nice inside, cozy. It's nicer than any Vietnamese restaurants in OKC. The staff is nice also. They can speak English!!

Pho Cowboy
I love Pho. Every city that I go to I always try to find a Pho Restaurant to eat. Though you can't beat Little Saigon because they have so many Pho restaurants, this place ranks among the top ten that I have visited from D.C to Houston to LA! It is on campus corner and looks very plain from the outside. However, the atmosphere is very different when you walk in. The name is unique. The place is very clean and the decor is warm and contemporary, unlike many asian restaurant that you go to. At most restaurant you can taste the MSG, not here! Their Mi (Pork Broth Egg Noodle) is excellent as well. Try their Pho Ga (Chicken Pho) if you are looking for something lighter. Great on a cold day. Job well done! Highly recommended.

I think this restaurant is great. It's more like a upscale pho restaurant. The price is a liltle bit higher than most places. But it is worth it. The pho taste great, they dont use alot of MSG in their broth. It is one of the best broth in the country. The service is great, the atmosphere inside is nice and modern. Great place to eat!

Jerome Espiritu
Being a pho lover and former student of the University of Oklahoma, I was naturally stoked when word around the grape vine said a new pho restaurant was to be opened adjacent to campus. Upon arrival, I wasn't sure if it was open or not, as the windows are covered with reflective tint, giving the place an inauspicious aura. When I eventually noticed the typical neon "open" sign amongst the foreboding windows I entered to find a decently nice atmosphere filled with faux bamboo trees and lavish furniture. However, don't be fooled by their cheap parlor tricks. I ordered the orange bowl, which is the equivalent to an extra large or a 'xe lua' at other restaurants. Clever, not really. Thinking I was going to get a heaping portion that only Bob Stoop's salary could outweigh, I instead got what looked like a small crucible you'd find in freshman chemistry. This "bowl" was filled with noodles that looked like a dirty mop, meat that looked like it was taken out of a lunchables box, and a few herbs that stared back at me saying, "you were better off spending your $8.00 at Feces Pizza." When I skittishly dug in, the broth tasted like a mixture of generic soap and salt. Additionally, the vegetable plate, which is normally superfluous at other chains ::cough::phohoa::cough::, had at maximum 5 bean sprouts, a few leaves, and one WEDGE of lime cut into 3 pieces. So not only must one stomach a poor attempt at sub-par pho, one must fight with any others who may be with you for vegetables. The only thing this place is good for is giving your stomach a bath.

In short, If I ever ate here again, I'd be jealous of what my dog's eating at home.

-Boomer Sooner

May be Jerome Espiritu had a bad experience because I eat there every week and never had that experience.
Their regular bowl is as large as any other restaurants and their large bowl is probably the largest in town. Broth is excellent, second only to Pho Hoa ON THEIR GOOD DAY (those that eat at Pho Hoa knows what I mean). Their brisket is great since they trim most of the fat away. I like that since I like the meat and not the fat. I like the fact that their broth doesn't have a lot of fat floating on top like most pho restaurants.

They normally bring out one plate of bean sprouts and basil but will bring out more if you ask for it. That's fine with me.

Conclusion: good to excellent. If you like a good healthy meal in a cozy environment, this is the restaurant for you.

Ned Flanders
This pho place was scrump-dilly-umptious! Imagine spaghetti noodles with delectable frozen meat thawed in hot cooking oil and, well neighbor, you have yourself a dandy treat! Oh, golly, this places puts the Pho in Pho Sooner. Bless this only pho place to bestow us in Norman. Now hustle your bustles and try it out yourself!

Maybe Jerome went to the wrong restaurant. I go there at least once a month since they opened three years ago and have never seen a bowl that is called "orange bowl". This is NORMAN, home of the Sooners!! Maybe he went to Stillwater?? Get real, 5 bean sprouts?? I love this restaurant, great food, good service, clean place, comfortable atmosphere. What more do can you ask for? Yummy.

I eat here regularly every month since they opened, and I have never had any problems with their food (and I've sampled a good deal of their menu). Their portions are huge, and the prices for their pho are cheap. In addition, their small staff has always been very friendly and helpful, making the atmosphere that much better. My parents (who grew up in Vietnam) still prefer Pho Hoa in Oklahoma City over Pho Sooner, but for those Normanites, who would prefer not to make the trek up I-35, Pho Sooner is great.

Pho Sooner is crap! There is no meat! and it is the most expensive i had ever paid for pho in my life. The only good thing about this place is there is two different degrees of the hot sauce that u put in pho. it was a joke, and I was seriously thinking about leaving without paying. The only people that would enjoy this place are dumb white people who either have alot of money or dont know what pho should taste like. If you want good Pho go to Pho Hoa.

Pho Coff, C.Mai.
C.Mai is a retard. I lived in Vietnam for 3 years, and the food at Sooner is as good (not spectacular, but good) as most I've had in any city, in any country.

They ARE overpriced, and they ARE a bit 'frugal' with their ingredients, but only if you're a fat American that expects everything for free and without even having to ask, would this ever be a problem for you. The broth is amazing, authentic stuff.

The Pho place in Moore, just South of the theater is in my opinion superior to Sooner but if you're in Norman, Sooner is the place to eat.

Are they still open? Phone doesn't work.

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