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Pho Thanh Thuy

603 N. Prince St
Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 393-9966
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User Reviews

Great hole-in-the-wall place to eat. You wouldn't guess it from the outside, the but food is VERY tasty.

The staff is a bit abrupt, but I believe that is a cultural thing, not a rudeness thing. If you become a regular, the owner will remember after about the third time, what you prefer...Nice.

Prices are rock bottom, great for the budget. The pho is always piping hot and nicely served.

Easy on wallet; happy in the belly. Pho sho.

lacks ambiance. the waitstaff is not too friendly

A very understated, low-key atmosphere (the restaurant needs better signage so that you can find it!) doesn't prepare you for the delightful quality of the Pho. With a sweet, complex broth, it's one of the more distinctive Pho offerings I've tasted. Within Lancaster, this restaurant offers some good competition with "Rice and Noodles" a few blocks north. While not nearly as modern inside, my preference of either's wonderful Pho would just depend on my mood that day.

My favorite Pho restaurant not only in Lancaster, but anywhere. If your a Pho fan, you know the best places are the hole in the walls and this is that place! I've been there so many times, I don't even need to order.

Second best in the lanctown. everything about this place is great except the meat is always too overdone.

The pho here was superlative, the best I've had. The broth, the noodles, the meats all were excellent. The spring rolls were pre-made and refrigerated, and consisted mostly of vermicelli with shrimp that were slightly fishy. The cafe sua da (iced coffee) was premade too, and ended up being watery and tasteless.
The place was shabby but clean, and empty on this Thursday at 5:00 PM. Prices were about the same as other pho restaurants in the area.

This place is Great! who cares if the staff isnt friendly, small price to pay for CHEAP and AMAZING food!

100% BEST PHO IN LANCASTER. The broth is dense and deep. Not too salty. Not watered down. You can tell they take their time with the stock and the bones. I'm not sure why people are saying the waitstaff is bad. The lady that always waits on me may be short for conversation, but she and I both know I'm there for the soup, not a rundown of her afternoon. She confirms my order as I walk in, an the pho is on my table in minutes. Please try this place, and forget what it looks like. I think the ambience just adds to the experience and invokes thought of travel and culture differences.

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