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Pho Noodleville

21 Orchard Park Drive
Greenville, SC 29615
(864) 288-8809
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User Reviews

Richard Creed
I have eaten here many times although its more than 100 miles from home - great family owned resturant - clean

Matt P
I've eaten here at least fifty times, and each time it is better than the last. They have alot of vegan and vegetarian options also.

I have eaten here a number of times and it is excellent!

I love some pho. Pho Noodleville has got some BANGIN summer rolls. The pho was good... but not the best I've had. The broth was very cloudy. However, this restaurant uses no MSG- a huge bonus for those seeking a health savvy dining experience. The restaurant is really clean and the woman who works there is incredibly nice. Highly recommended. Pho sho.

one of my favorite places to eat, the noodleville shrimp is my favorite!

Outstanding appetizers and vegitarian selection. Clean, and pleasant employees.

Eric S
Good pho. I would eat here more often if there weren't other pho restaurants in the area that I like better, but not bad pho at all.

When lived in Greenville area for about year we went here very often. Always pleased. Never had a meal that either of us did not enjoy. Miss this place so much!!

oriental food lover
The very best in the area. Go from Ashville to Atlanta and you will not have a better one.

One the best Vietnamese restaurant anywhere (comparable to the top ones any metro area). I visit the area a few times a year and this is always a must for my trip. Also, they advertise "no msg" in their food.

Moved to Greenville two years ago. Went there for the first time today, 09/25/10. The food was great. Restaurant was clean. Hostess was very friendly. Will definitely go back again.

I was disappointed with the orange chicken. It tasted it like ketchup. The cook came to our table, and I told her that the orange chicken tasted like ketchup. She responded that she cooked this dish with ketchup. Gross! The service was below average and the prices were high. Fortunately, there are a lot of good restaurants in Greenville that I can visit when I am wanting to eat Asian food.

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