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My Tho

500 E. Central
Wichita, KS 67202
(316) 262-5452
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User Reviews

Erin Raux
Best pho in town! The nicest family in the world owns this place! Great service! Also has a billiards hall!

Brandon Latimer
This pho really makes you feel so good! Great recipie. Also great sandwiches. They have a pork soup which is equally as good!Try this one First-youll never eat pho anywhere else again....unless its closed!

Jhonny badasz
Some PHOking good Pho!

Big Scooter
My Tho, though it masquerades as a billiards hall, serves by far the best bowl of pho in Wichita that I have found. And let me tell you. . . I have been looking.

The broth is amazingly flavorful and clear, and they don't overwhelm you with noodles the way some pho restaurants do. I am usually a firm believer in hoisen sauce, but the pho at My Tho is more than deep and complex enough to make the sauce unneeded.

The bowls are of sufficient size to fill all but the very largest of appetites. For a small fee (50 cents I think) you can order a small loaf of crispy crusted bread to eat with your pho, and while I don't know if that is strictly traditional, it really ties the meal together.

On top of that, it is family run, and you will see the same 2 brothers working there every visit. They are both very friendly and helpful.

If I had one complaint about My Tho, it would be that they periodically have to close up for a few weeks to take care of family business. They cannot be faulted for this, of course, but nevertheless it is painful to have to settle for second best after you have tasted the ambrosia that is the pho at My Tho.

Weatherman Mike
I am a regular to My Tho...I have trie pho from 3 other places around wichita and this place is absolutely hands down the best! This is family owned and they are just wonderful people!!! If you are looking for a casual place to eat with very high quality pho...I would highly recommend My Tho to anyone...Enjoy ;)

Alicia :)
Simply the best, have been to many other places in town, the young men that work there are fantastic and the Pho is the best! Seriously! ;)

I have eaten Pho in most places in Wichita but My Tho has the best far as I'm concerned. I eat there 2 to 3 times a week it seems. Highly addictive be careful :-)

Lisa & family
My family absolutely loves this place!!! The food is excellent and the service is well above par here. The staff are fast and will get you in and out even when it's busy....(Usually not their fault since the patrons like to linger after their bowls of pho)...If you have ever considered trying Pho, I would highly recommend letting My Tho be your first experience. Trust me, you will never go any where else for pho again!

love this place
Everything on the menu is delicious! Love the service they are very friendly and fast pace and a very good price.

Simply the BEST pho in town. It has been family owned for the past two decades and for good reason. The flavor is so unforgettable and delicious. You have to try this! You won't be disappointed. Kudos to you My Tho family!

Michael Sengvilay
My Tho is simply the best Pho restaurant in Wichita KS! The people are nice and fast. They have amazing lime'ades and they have a billards. Clean , Fresh and Close :)

I have eaten Pho all across the U.S. and this is the standard I compare all other! Mecca for Pho Freaks! I live out of state and rarely get back, but the quality of this place hasn't changed since we first met 12 years ago. Peace

Love this place!

Don Lear
I pho in town. In operation for 24 years; 14 years at their current location.

Don Lear
Unfortunately, My Tho is closed for the month of June 2012. Try back the first of July.

My Tho has announced on Facebook that they will reopen (after extensive remodeling) around the beginning of August! Two months without their Pho' has been almost unbearable.

Don Lear
My Tho reopened on September 4, 2012, after undergoing an extensive remodeling project. The seating area has been doubled in size and the pho' is a good as ever. Also, Food Network Magazine, in their August 7th blog, recognized My Tho's "Banh Mi" spicy grilled-pork sandwich as the best sandwich in the entire state of Kansas.

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