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Taste of Asia

300 W Bitters Road #120
San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 499-5572
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User Reviews

Excellent place to get a pho bowl!

Since the variety of Pho available in San Antonio is unbelievably limited, it's difficult to accurately rate on a general scale. However, after visiting as many as I've been able to find thus far, Pho Cong Ly (Taste of Asia) is my favorite to date. The service is incredibly friendly and expedient, the Pho is great, and the restaurant is easy to find. I ordered the Pho with beef flank and soft tendon, and was not disappointed. The broth was rich and held the spice well, the herbs and shoots were fresh, and the noodles were just the right consistency. The flank was tender, a little bland (i choose not to use dipping sauce) but the tendon was perfect. The combination of the two was stellar ... chewy, but not rubbery, and full of fatty flavor.

I can't wait to go again to try more.

C. Nguyen
This is the same restaurant as Taste of Asia which is at suite 120. They have since changed the name of the pho side to just Pho Cong to get away from the Pho Cong Ly franchise mediocrity/expense.
I ordered the P11 which is rare/tendon combo and come only in one size.
The order and drinks came out within 5 minutes. They use the medium looking but deep bowl filled to the brim which actually hold more than the deceptive extra large looking, shallow bowls filled only to half at most other pho places.
They use fresh noodles cooked to perfect consistency, chewy and firm. Lots of beef and tendons mixed in, you don't have to fish around to find them. Broth is spot on with lots of beef flavor, hints of anise and onions, a few droplets of yellow beef fats to prove it didn't come from out of a can ... yay!
They have modest portents of add on bean sprout, cilantro, basil, jalapeno pepper slices and ... lemon instead of the preferred lime. The only thing missing which may be a seasonal thing is coriander (ngo gai). These go perfectly mixed into the bowl just enough not to overspill. On the table are the required hoisin sauce and ubiquitious "rooster" brand sriraccha chili which are added to the broth as well as for dipping the beef/tendons or the other meat combination that you chose.

The price is reasonable at $6.49.

The waitstaff remembered me from a while back when my sister took me their during my visit. They would even sit down to talk with you if its not too busy. Very friendly and cordial.

I am glad they made the move away from the franchise concept. While it may have been helpful to increase presence but their real cost was (store) quantity over (food) quality.
I feel like family coming home to a good meal prepared with love. Even my sister don't mind getting out of the kitchen to come here. She just like the other VN foods they have there, so ... more pho for me!!!!

I have been coming here for about three years now. And I still keep coming back for more they have the greatest staff and the food is always fresh. If it is your first time going I suggest you start off with a summer roll and then work your way up to the actual Pho. Great place to eat I showed everyone from work and now the whole work goes there to eat. Cheap with the kick of greatness.....

Soup is ok, this place used to be good like 10 years ago,now it's getting pretty bad! Don't bother to order for summer rolls their disgusting! they don't use good lettece and no shrimp! and last time I went there the spring rolls had ants on the plate!the waiter is always whistling! and when he brings out your food!! yes expect him to be whistling on your food!! hello germs!! I won't set food in there again!

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