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Pho Republic

3591 N Belt Line Rd
Irving, TX 75062
(972) 594-7159
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Overall (based on 8 ratings)
Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)

User Reviews

Best overall! The best pho to have before leaving Dallas or upon arriving. It's right next to the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport. Great place to introduce a friend to Dallas.

David N.

I know that I have been to many pho restaurants from both coasts but I must admit Pho Republic has the best pho! It could have been their decor, the nice waitress who waited on my table, or my hungry stomach, although one never knows. Nevertheless, their pho is the best! My top items:

#10 - pho tai - raw beef! Very tasty!
#31 - pho ve don - some weir stuffs but great tasting!!!

#20 - Buddha's Feast - tofu sauteed with vegetables... Yum!!!

Each of these was particularly outstanding in its own way and many other extremely deserving items were by necessity left off this list.


David N.

David N.
I love pho (Vietnamese noodles). I eat pho at least once a week, usually twice a week. Any other pho lovers out there?

My favorite places are:
Pho Hanh Vietnamese Restaurant in Temple City, CA
Pho 999 in Reseda, CA
Pho Nguyen Hue in Westminster, CA
Pho Republic in Anaheim, CA
Pho Republic in Irving, TX (are they related?)
Pho Hoa in San Jose, CA

Dave Vu
I can't say enough good things about this restaurant. Excellent in every category.

Terry McCloud
There is only one Pho Place better, the little old lady who had a shop down the street. I miss her, but this place is a damn good second.

Great Vietnamese food, very reasonably priced. It is consistently good, and the service is excellent.

When we lived in Bedford, TX (for 5 years) we would drive the 15-20 min to Irving to eat here occasionally. My wife loved the Spicy Beef Pho and misses it dearly as any of the Pho places in our area (Visalia, CA) do not offer that.

When we come back to visit, this will be one of our stops to eat!

No good

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Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
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