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Can Tho Pho

1036 S. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80219
(303) 975-0919
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User Reviews

Visited for lunch on a weekday 3/11. This place years ago used to be Pho Hoa, which is one of the few national chain pho joints.

The space they are in is not nearly as clean or new as it used to be, and the place is more of a hole in the wall pho joint in my opinion, than the franchise standard restaurant that it used to be. The decorations are kind of weird. They have these weird xmas type lights on the cieling with plastic leaves and plastic cucumbers hanging down all over the place.....odd. Their interior decorator must have had some issues, lol.

Anyway, I ordered a large tai chin nam, and my companion ordered a small tai chin. We started with an order of cha gio.

The cha gio were very small and pretty bland. Not much to brag about. The veggies were good and fresh though, and the presentation was nice.

The broth on my soup was very sweet. Some of the sweetest I have ever had. I wouldn't say it was too sweet, but very close. My companion did not care too much for her soup, claiming it was way too sweet.

The veggies were good, and the noodles were great. One big plus was they gave me tons of meat. Possibly more than I've ever gotten anywhere. The service was very good, and the staff were friendly.

According to a business card I grabbed, they are open 9AM-11PM Sun-Thurs, and open 9AM-3AM on Fri-Sat., so it looks like they are good for the late night crowd.

Given there are lots of other options in the immediate area, I will probably try others if I can, but I would return here. The cha gio just pretty much sucked, and I wish the broth was a tad bit less sweet.

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