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Vina Pho & Grill

1630 30th St. #B
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 444-1809
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Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
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Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)

User Reviews

So to be honest, the Pho tasted very good. The only thing I found lacking was A) only offered bean sprouts, jalepenos, and basil, B) portion of the noodles and meat were on the skimpy side (compared to other places), C) wait staff took their sweet time, D) they make the peanut sauce on the floor (i was positioned where I could see into the kitchen doors and there was a gentleman hunched over a pot scooping jiffy with a spoon and then proceeded to use his finger), E) $8.50 for a large Pho? Thats about $1.50 more than West-Broomie Pho. Other than the above explained, that broth tasted great. Plus 1 for ambiance, it looked really upscale for a Pho place.

Visited late afternoon during the 4pm hour on a weekday Oct 2011.

The place is clean and decorated nicely. Only a hand full of tables were occupied while there. I ordered a large thai chin nam for $8.50. Maybe a tad bit expensive, but this is Boulder, not Denver. The broth smelled great, and the bowl was pretty good size. The veggies were very fresh and a decent quantity. The only thing I didn't get was sawgrass. The noodles were decent enough. The meat tasted pretty good and was fairly plentiful. Service was excellent, and the two staff that I dealt with were friendly enough.

Based on one visit, I would say this is a pretty decent pho joint. Wasn't a memorable bowl, but certainly nothing was negative, and the place didn't suck by any means.

I recommend this place if you are in Boulder and need a fix.

The place was freezing inside (we went on a mild August day), and the food took forever to arrive.

Also not vegetarian-friendly.

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