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Pho Hoa

901 Nw 23rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 521-8087


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User Reviews

Just love it!!

Jason Mangham
Pho Hoa is by far the best in Oklahoma City, I have tried most here in town, as most of the Pho restaurants are within blocks of each other in the Asian District. Best cha gio hands down and the broth is absolutely wonderful. Sprouts and herbs are very fresh and clean. Just underwent major renovation, beveled ceiling tiles, lovely wood fixtures, very clean bathrooms, and plenty of fans to keep those wonderful scents moving. The girls are great servers and the Owners are just top notch. I have recommended Pho Hoa to friends from San Francisco that are regular pho eaters at some of the best places in San Fran. They felt that Pho Hoa was as good or better than home.

Truly, and I mean TRULY the gold standard in pho! My husband and I love this place & have been going there for years. The broth is deeply flavored, the meat is succulent (you might want to get some extra on the side even!) and the service is great. I have NEVER had a bad bowl of pho here! Also, the hot tea is free. They fixed up the place a bit this last year & added spring rolls (not fried)as an appetizer. Remember they don't take credit cards.

John Thomas
I have tried many times, they used too much MSG in the soup that made a bad after taste in my mouth. The flavour of the soup is not consistent sometimes I got a dull watery bowl of Pho. Service is not so good, they can't speak English!!!

Zeke Bleak
Pho Hoa is the staple of many Oklahoma City artists located in and around our beloved Asian district. There are 4 or 5 places that serve Pho, all within the same distance, but we always choose Pho Hoa. Also, you can get NONzine there - a local arts publication - to read!

Sarah J.
I love Pho Hoa! The soup comes out really quickly after you order and is steaming hot. They don't go cheap with the fresh veggies and limes. They fill your bowl with a lot of noodles and meats and the bowls are a lot cheaper than the other pho restaurants. They just recently remodeled also which gives the restaurant a more updated look. I recommend Pho Hoa to any pho lover out there.

mitch ledbetter
its great...period

Pho Hoa OKC
I would love to thank the people who love to eat at Pho Hoa!!

Honestly, this is the best pho I have ever had. We used to drive up from Norman at least once a week to eat here.

As a regular, we wouldn't even have to order really. The staff remembers you and knows what "the usual" is. Their tai tea is perhaps a little too sweet, but I highly recommend this place if you're trying to introduce someone to pho and the various Vietnamese drinks.

I have been through their remodeling, menu changes, and slight price raises, but it is still the best deal and sets the standard for pho. My only complaint is gas prices since this has tapered off our weekly excursions!

The portion is very generous, there is always plenty of vegetables, and the broth is heaven. I go to school nearby the place, and so I often come here when I didn't feel like cooking. Truly is the best place for place for pho in OK!

You're most likely not going to find anything more delicious than this in OKC. I am completely amazed that Pho nomenal has 5 stars opposed the 4 stars that Pho Le Hoa has. It is definitely a vietnamese landmark in OKC and an obvious destination for any Phonatic. I would give it 100 stars if it were an option!

Food Lover
This place was good overall. The service was not that good but the food was okay. Not my favorite by far but it was okay.

The best!

Best in OKC. Sits along the most dense Vietnamese community in the city. I've tried all the top phở caf├ęs around and anyone who does not think Pho Hoa is the best in town simply does not know pho.

Best pho in OKC. The broth can't be beat.

This restaurant has average Vietnamese food. The issue is they don't take credit cards and do not post the information on the door or entrance. I found out when I tried to pay. Interestingly, however, they have an ATM that charges $2.35 payable to the restaurant. There are plenty of good, honest Pho restaurants in the Asian District. Avoid this rip off joint.

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