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Pho 75

771 Hungerford Dr
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 309-8873
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User Reviews

Barka Tessera-Worq Shimelis
Once you order they will have it on your table in under two minutes flat! The music along with the Vietnamese patrons gives it the authentic feel.

Barka Tessera-Worq Shimelis
Once you order they will have it on your table in under two minutes flat! The music along with the Vietnamese patrons gives it the authentic feel.

Best in the area in my opinion. The broth is superb!

I loved this place, but I stopped going because the main employee couldn't keep his fingers out of his nose...ever.

Best Pho in DC area, shares with its sister in Arlington by the same name. Great service, great atmosphere, great pho.

The best Pho I've ever had.
The place is a little dingy, but the Pho is WONDERFUL!!! The broth is perfect... the meat gets a little chewy somedays, but it is still the best I've ever had. They don't have anything else on the menu here, so go Pho or go home! :) Be aware: it is all large table seating, so during busy times you will likely sit next to strangers.
CASH ONLY (but there is a 7-11 a few doors down with an ATM
PARKING IS HORRIBLE!!! This parking lot, on 355, is notoriously overcrowded, and the other shops will tow you if you park in front of it. Be careful where you park, and come off-lunch-peak hours.

(see "PHO 75" for review)

Consistently the best PHO around! Service is always quick. Meat is sliced paper thin and super tender. Noodles and broth are always good. And the iced coffee is still brewed at your table (some places are cutting corners and serving it to you ready made). An authentic top quality PHO! Yum yum.

The Pho is very good but they do not have summer rolls. I get a angry look from the waiter when I ask for them. Try Pho Nam, their Pho is excellent as well and you get the whole package with the summer rolls and peanut sauce. Mmmmmm Summer Rolls and Peanut Sauce.

Consistently the best Pho around the Rockville area. Large #3 with extra jalapenos, please.

I will always have a little space in my heart designated for the pho from Pho 75.

The restaurant itself is very spartan, but I go for the food, not the atmosphere.

I don't live anywhere near this place but happened to be in the area today and had wanted to try it for years since I'd been to every other Pho 75 except Rockville and NE Philly. I enjoyed my soup but wouldn't travel out of my way to go there again. The broth was pretty good and that's the most important part, but the noodles were average and the bean sprouts were borderline below average. The meat wasn't fine cuts like I prefer but it had a good texture so no complaints there. I also enjoyed their iced coffee a lot, something which varies greatly even when it's brewed with the drip method at the table.

My favorite pho place in the world! Enjoy your bowl with lemonade - it's awesome!

You can't comment on Pho 75 without commenting on its top rival - Pho Nam up on Shady Grove Rd. In my view Pho Nam is better but some friends claim Pho 75...Tough call but broth is better at Pho Nam. Even the new kid in town - Pho Real in Silver Spring - holds its own.

My husband and I confess to be 'phonatics', and I write this w/sadness in my heart, but we had what we think was the worst service experience of our lives tonight at Pho 75 in Rockville 2 weeks ago. We calculate that during past 3 years, we've eaten there a couple of hundred times. We schlep from Bethesda because we felt it was the best pho in the area.
We ordered crispy spring rolls to go w/our usual pho chin. Had the same young waiter we've had hundreds of times before (he's never very nice, so as usual, we just smiled & shined it on)--pho was worth it, we always figured.
No more. The spring rolls came, & they were cold & seemed they'd been fried hours before. We found out when we took a bite. My husband kindly told the same waiter, who told us we'd have to wait for them to be warmed up (of course!). We said no problem.
He came back 5 minutes later w/the spring rolls--nothing had been done--still cold & old.
Figured we'd tell the woman at the cash register who's always there and has seen us hundreds of times what had happened, and we'd like to have their $3 price deducted. My husband explained. She went to our table & berated us because we'd taken a bite out of the crummy spring rolls & literally started to make a scene. We were horrified, so paid & left. They know us, we're as loyal as customers can get--we won't be back.
I don't exaggerate when I say we've eaten there a couple of hundred times--we put up w/the funky decor, kind of dirtiesh environment--all for the wonderful pho. But the waiter and this woman crossed the line, so we'll be going to Pho 95, Pho Nom Nom, and a few other places close-by, and at least not getting treated inexcusably.

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