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Pho Lan

1360 E Eisenhower Blvd
Loveland, CO 80537
(970) 685-4411
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User Reviews

We are very excited to have this new restaurant nearby. They have a wide variety of dishes. Lunch specials at attractive prices. Expanded menu for dinner. I had the chicken Pho, being new to the dish. Loved it. My wife had the grilled chicken noodle bowl and may never order anything different. Clean and friendly. Diner style. They have take out too. Closed Sundays.

Went again this weekend. They are struggling with getting wait staff, startup. But food was still excellent. I had Coconut curry Pad Tai, generous amount of shrimp. Sue had beef noodle bowl, lots of meat. Very busy on weekends. Oh and the spring rolls and sauce was too good. Be patient and pray they pull off this grand opening.

We were a little skeptical when we saw a new Pho place in the area - the closest previously had been in Fort Collins (which had been slowly going downhill over the past year; we had decided that it was no longer worth the drive up if that tells you anything). Yes, these guys here at Pho Lan are just getting started, so they are a little understaffed...but the food MORE than makes up for it! Best Pho I have ever had, no question. :) My roommate and I have a new Friday tradition - we go to Pho Lan and one of us gets a bowl of Pho, and one of us tries something else and then we switch midway. :) Coconut curry = excellent. Combo noodle bowl = amazing. We'll update later when we go back next week....because we are going to keep going back. So, do us a favor and help them stay in business; do yourself a favor by checking out the Pho! :)

Best I have found in CO, good serving size (i ordered large), Lots of high quality meat, and great service considering it was a Friday night at dinner rush... I plan on returning many times over my stay in Loveland... They can compete with the best in Seattle!

NoCo Mom
Very tasty beef Pho...we are so excited to have a Pho location in Loveland. My daughter and I love it for lunch.

Visited on a weeknight for dinner March 2013 while in town on business. The place was not very busy...3-4 tables occupied. Like others have mentioned, I was thrilled there was a pho joint in Loveland. However, I found it to be a pretty bland experience overall. I had cha gio and a large tai chin nam. The egg rolls were pretty mediocre. Good size and texture but just not particularly tasty. Same with the soup. It was certainly good enough to get your pho fix, but a pretty unspectacular experience overall. The service was good. The place is kind of a hole in the wall spot in a little strip center. I would rather have an average at best pho joint in town than no pho joint, so this spot has its place. Nothing about the place sucked, but nothing was particularly good. Hint...there is a little bitty Mexican shop next door that has some
good pastries. Pop in there and grab some to take home.

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