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Noodles & More Saigon Cafe

635 Lincoln Ave
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 870-1544
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User Reviews

7/7/09 ate a late lunch there around 2:30pm. There was only one other couple there. It's a very small place tucked downstairs from street level in a cute little shopping plaza. You cannot see it from the street, so just get out between 6th & 7th Streets and look for it as you walk on the south/west side of the road.

Very clean and cozy dining area/bar. The menu includes some Thai dishes, pho, bun, etc. They also had what appeared to be a sushi bar. It's obvious this spot caters more to tourists types than hardcore locals. I tried the pho tai chin. There is only one size, and the portion was small, especially considering all bowls costs 10 dollars. A bit expensive, but hey, it's Steamboat, right in the middle of a tourist strip, and hours from Denver. The soup was decent. Not worth bragging about, but if you need a pho fix while in Steamboat, it'll do. Broth was good, noodles a bit too tough for my taste. Meat was mediocre. Veggies were very fresh. The service was excellent and staff friendly.

If this spot was in a town with a bunch of other pho joints, I likely would not return, but it didn't suck by any means. If I get a chance tomorrow, I will return for lunch and try the bun, and if so, I'll leave another review.

7/8/09 - Ate lunch there today. There were several folks in there eating sushi...didn't see anyone eating pho. I ordered the bun combination (dac biet). It was pretty good. The cha gio wasn't much to brag about, but everything else was tasty and good.....except the price. It cost 15 bucks for this relatively small bowl of bun. The other varieties of bun are 10 bucks each. Hard to deal with that price, but as I said in my earlier post, this place is a long way from the big city, and it appears to cater to tourists. I ordered goi con to go, and it was pretty bland. Two small rolls for 5 bucks. The dipping sauce tasted like italian dressing. I'll probably return there next time I'm in Steamboat, but only because it's the only game in town.

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