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Pho 501

501 Main St
East Hartford, CT 06118
(860) 569-3700
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User Reviews

Excellent, if a bit pricey Pho. Only 2 options, beef or shrimp. Very surly service, but an excellent bowl.

Decent price. 3 varieties, plain, beef, or shrimp. Quaint place and great Pho!

John D
The best pho in new england.

This is more like your home cooked Pho. The menu is very limited, there are only a couple types and it's actually kind of hard to know what they are since they don't have an actual menu. It's hard to know what time they close since they close once they run out of broth, so call ahead and see if they will still be open when you arrive. It's best to go early in the morning. There's also limited seating. So now for the pho...I think it's one of the top places in the Hartford area. People tend to either like this style or the Pho Boston style, but they are both good. I would recommend it. By the way, I'm Vietnamese, for what it's worth...


Best pho I've had, bar none. There's no real menu, so you have to ask the staff what they have. So far I've tried their shrimp, beef, and tendon. It's all fantastic. They also have fresh spring rolls on certain days. Well worth it!

Best Pho that I've had, been to the rest and return to the best, I like the beef best but go on Sunday for the Chicken. Special orders don't bother them, beef on the side extra noodles no problem, Great place to meet new friends.

My husband & I go here all the time staff is very friendly Pho is the best I have had in CT. Menu is hanging from the wall. They have Beef or Shrimp Pho Tues-Sun, Spicy Pho on Sat & Chicken Egg Noodle on Sun. They also have very tasty Spring Rolls. If you haven't been here....I would suggust you stop by for a bowl.

The place is always packed with Asian people- which is a good rule of thumb for ethnic food. You'll never find an Olive Garden packed with Italian people. It's small, family operated, unpretentious... Of course, you could charter a flight to Vietnam, have better Pho and then stop in Cannes for a film festival, but we're not all Dodds, Blumenthals, and Obamas here!

Still best...Tried Pho Boston....Where's the beef? So much better at 501 nice meaty piece's of meat...cheaper too. The Chicken "Mi Ga" on Sundays is the Best...get there early though or you'll miss out...

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