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Pho Huong

394 Pacific Ave.
Toronto, ON M6P 2R1
(647) 430-3909


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Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
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User Reviews

I love the decor, and very inviting!!! Mostly I love the pho noodles here. Great place to eat and would definitely recommend this place to friends and family...

Dr. Stephen Bui
Very Friendly atmosphere with nice ambiance.
Excellent food!
Great Service!
What else can you ask for?
Will recommend all my friends to Pho Huong.
I've tried their Pho which the soup is amazing. Family style dinning was a delight.
Don't forget to try their fried banana for dessert.

I am so lucky to have this Pho place in my neighborhood. I love Vietnamese and have tried many, many places in T.O. Their broths from Pho to Won Ton soup are superb. Did I mention that their Pad Thai beats any I have had in a Thai restaurant. Best in T.0.

Great!!! We love it! Its so amazing to have this Pho place in our neighborhood. Great service, amazing food!

Always amazing!!

The beef salad is one of the best salads I've ever had. Sort of like a beef carpaccio. Their pho broth is deliciously fragrant.

We love the beef soups

This place is amazing! The service is fast and the staff is very friendly.
The interior is tastefully decorated but the place still remains casual and cosy.

Their pad thai is the best I've tasted in the city and the noodle soup is fantastic. The spring rolls (both hot and cold) are also really yummy. I haven't been to too many pho places but this one is my favorite. They also do delivery in the area for free as long as you order over a certain amount (I think it's $25).

Pea face
Tasty and nice decor. The spring rolls are as good as what we had in Vietnam and service is good and we are always very happy about the food and feel happy and satisfied afterwards (3 times so far) will go back and go through the whole menu haha

Wonderful servers. Totally veg friendly, just ask!!

After visiting three times I think that I have a fair assumption of how it is. The last time I was craving pho tai so i got pick-up. They charged me for an extra order, which took twenty minutes to explain. Allowing my food to get cold. When i got it home I actually added anise and an ox bullion cube to my broth to add flavor. The spring rolls were fantastic. The times i have eaten there My drinks have been empty and I have always had to get up to go and ask for the check. Overall there are many better places in this city.

Michael & Gina
Bad taste, bad service...! Pho Phuong on Dundas or Pho Hung on Spadina Ave is way better....

Been there many times..if you like the dish you've ordered, it's great. I ordered lemongrass beef - the meat was not fresh and overcooked. I asked (politely) for something else. They added sauce and brought me same dish, refusing to provide me with a new dish or remove it from the bill. On top of that they forgot our mango shake (which is delicious)... But I will never go back. The woman was extremely rude and uncompromising.

Donna Samoyloff
Better than the highly-touted Pho place on Spadina. Pho Huong was busy at lunch-time on a Monday in mid-November, which tells you it isn't a well-kept secret in the Junction any longer. Don't be put off by the anonymous window-front: the decor inside is simple and charming. Good food and good value.

this place is wonderful! we eat there once a week and the broth is our favourite so far in Toronto

Delightful restaurant. Bright and airy, super staff. Great pho, fragrant and tasty. Very nice sidewalk patio in the summer. Great beer on tap too!

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