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Pho 65

6530 Wadsworth Blvd., #275
Arvada, CO 80003
(303) 940-6666
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Overall (based on 6 ratings)
Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)

User Reviews

Pho Eating K
Hmmm. I think I really need to revisit this one. The wait staff was quiet but gracious, and restaurant-wise, there was nothing wrong with it. It was stunningly quiet except for the soap opera on the tv. The food was fine, not stellar, but nothing to complain about. It has me wondering if they were having a great day, a bad day, or if this is just the way it was. No amazingly sublime aromas, no unctuous meats, and really, no complaints.
I'll let you know when I go back.

Do not bother visiting this restaurant. The service is minimal at best, the pho was unimpressive, and my dishes smelled like feet. Drive a few more minutes to 88th and Wads.

I really liked this place. The service was always fine (I don't need fancy, I just need them to bring me my pho!) and the servings very generous. Ate here weekly for nearly a year until we moved away. The broth was pretty good - I have had better but often have had much much worse. If I lived near here I would definitely go back!

good pho

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Overall Satisfaction
Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)
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