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Pot of Pho

12652 W Ken Caryl Ave Restaurant Closed
Littleton, CO 80127
(303) 904-1334
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User Reviews

This pho is addicting. I dream about it.

I was terribly disappointed. The food was mediocre and flavorless and the waitstaff was aloof and seemed bothered to help and they never returned to our table. Perhaps it wasn't authentic pho as I've had before since a Caucasian male claimed to owned the place. Save yourself a trip. Go to Pho 79 in Denver instead!

Not what I expected. Below average food and dirty utensils. They skimped on the meats in the pho. Don't think I'll be returning to this place.

Only pho place in the area. The place is owned by a Caucasian man but the cook (his wife) is Vietnamese.

I enjoyed this place very much. The Pho was great, I'm definitely going back.

Ate 6/5/09 during lunchtime. Condiments, although more or less fresh, were skimpy, but there was a sign on the table stating to ask for more if desired. Maybe this was a cost cutting measure.

Broth was excellent. Great flavor and aroma. Meat was good as well. Noodles were a bit rubbery, perhaps not cooked good enough. They were still good, but since they were rubbery,
it made for some splashy pho eating.

The service was excellent. Good music playing in the backgound (80's R & B hits mostly), and the restaurant was overall clean. Will be back when on this side of town again.

This guy needs to go down on Federal to see how PHO is really done. Skimpy portions, high price ....go to PHO 555 or PHO 7... even Saigon Pho beats this place.

Foodie in the burbs
I have eaten at Pot of Pho many times and have been very pleased. It is a nice family owned little place. I must say, it is an absolute pleasure to have someplace other than the suburbanite chain dining options. I'd rather support the small businesses.
As listed in some previous reviews, the veggies are skimpy but signage says to simply ask for more and I have. The broth is very good. I was addicted there for a while! The chicken satay is also tasty. My kids love to go there.
It is very nice to not have to drive for 30 minutes for a bowl of Pho.

12/5/09 - Had a craving for Viet food and on that side of town, so I popped in for my second visit and brought a friend along this time. I had bun tom thit noung cha gio, and my friend had pho ga. My bun was okay. Didn't suck, but wasn't worth bragging about. Also had an order of cha gio.
Again, the veggies were skimpy as hell. The rent in that place must be sky high or they are borderline broke or something. I have never ever seen such skimpy side portions in all my years. Cha gio was decent. My friend told me he liked his pho ga. Again, 80's pop playing in the background was pretty cool.

The highlight of this visit was not the food, but the eye candy serving the food. OMG, there was a young VM chick serving the food that was dreamy, and hot. And she did a good job too. I would go there again and be happy to eat mediocre VM food just to watch her running around.

Seriously though, this is a mediocre pho joint at best. But, when you need a fix it will do.

I'm sorry, but any Pho restaurant that doesn't stock or know what Ngo Gai (aka Culantro) is needs to not call themselves a Pho restaurant. It's just soup at that point.
I realize that it may be a small restaurant, but seriously ... hire another wait person for weekends and other high volume times. It took roughly 20-30 minutes to get the solo waiter to take our order. I had to get the utensils or we wouldn't have had that either. Don't plan to ever return.

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