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B&B Vietnamese Noodle Cafe

1615 S. Service Road Restaurant Closed
Moore, OK 73160
(405) 794-5261


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User Reviews

The broth is great, not too greasy. One drawback was that I didn't get enough meat in my soup. Nonetheless, it was a nice first visit. I love the interior design of the place, very modern, and the lighting is very cozy with the warm lanterns and dark wood furnitures. I much prefer the taste of the pho here compared to Pho Sooner, which I've found to be too bland. This place is in Moore, a little out of Norman, if you don't want to drive all the way to OKC.

I found this little restaurant almost by mistake. A little hidden, but a very wonderful surprise for the adventurous type. Though I had the vermicelli noodles instead of the the pho, I found it to be quite tasty. The grilled chicken was excellent and the portions were very generous and the prices were more than reasonable. I loved the atmosphere of the place. Also, the drink selection was quite extensive. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to try something a little different. For the Pho connoisseur, it's as good, if not better, than any I've had. I hope this place is around for a long time.

David Butler
Even if you have never been to a Vietnamese soup shop this place should please you. I have traveled extensively and Pho Lan puts my favorite Noodle Cafe in China Town of Boston to shame! The soups and plates are excellent. Great child's menu, huge fruit drink and coffee selection. Spotlessly clean even in the bathrooms. Great friendly service. This place is awesome and a rare jewel find in Oklahoma. If you do not like this place it is because you don't like Vietnamese cuisine. A little difficult to find but will catch on quick!
Will be back soon with friends!

Pho Lan is a welcomed alternative to Sooner Pho.
The soup, price, service and especially the springs rolls are much better.

WOW! What a find! I had never eaten Vietnamese food but since stumbling onto this place - well I eat here at least once a week. I have brought family and friends here and they all love it. The portions are huge and the price is perfect. If you like/love noodles, well then this is the place to eat. They have the most wonderful spring rolls. The wait staff is friendly and helful, so don't be afraid to ask questions about the menu. And the Boba Bar is truly an extra surprise. Come eat here and enjoy it all!! Who knows, maybe you will find me here.

Happy Customer
This place is wonderful!! The food is delicious. We love the chicken summer rolls with the tasty peanut sauce. The restaurant is very clean and the staff is very pleasant. My only complaint is that the thermostat is a set a little high. It can get warm in there.

The staff was very helpful, food was very fresh, would definitely go again.

If u live in norman it is well worth the drive to morre for Pho Lans noodles. The broth, and service are much better than the pho place on campus. Also better prices at Pho Lan.

Pho Addict
My boyfriend introduced to Pho Lan. I thought my mother's chicken noodle soup was the best, but sorry mom, Pho is better. When it is cold outside, or you are ill, this Pho will cure you. The taste of the broth has a perfect balance of herbs and spices. The dressings they provide are always fresh and the amount of noodles are more than enough. I can buy a large at a very reasonable price and share it with my daughter and we still can't finish the bowl. I am now a Pho addict. Thanks Pho Lan for your perfect soup. There is nothing better!! Only Pho Lan, don't let the others fool you!

This is the best Pho place in the Metro. I love this place and even though I have been to most all of the other Pho places I think this one is the best. Great service and great food every time.

Food Lover
This place is the best and I look forward to going here. The food and the service is always great. You don't need to go anywhere else because this place has it all.

This is by far the best pho restaurant I've ever been too. On top of the amazing pho, this place offers equally amazing chia shakes.

Josh Butler, Moore, OK
Everything is always spot on everytime we go. Julie and staff go out of their way to make everything just right, and make sure the guest feels like a guest, not some anonymous consumer.
I have never had a bad meal here, everything is on point.

Never eat here again . Restaurants are about the service and the ambiance . And this one is missing both . I had my menu closed for 5 minutes and the Wai staff were waiting on people coming in after I was seated . Thank god you are not the only pho place in Moore

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