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Pho Thai Nguyen

3221 N Classen Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 525-7373


Overall (based on 4 ratings)
Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)

User Reviews

I love this place! I love it so much that I literally eat here every Friday. I have started a trend with my friends to eat and then play dominos while we are there...they are so welcoming and polite. It's such a great social time for me and my friends. We are always looking for new friends so stop by and join us!

It was ok but did not blow my mind.

I love this place. It is by far my favorite pho house.

I have done a tour of the pho places in the area, and this is by far the best & my favorite.

The food is amazing, and the service is wonderful. I use this place to introduce friends to pho - and they have all become regular patrons like me.

It is a small little family place, and very affordable. I have actually eaten there on Christmas Day - some holidays they offer 50% off noodle dishes.

Needless to say, they do serve more than just pho - and I have yet to find anything that I have not enjoyed eating there. The prices are also great.

They also will seat anyone all the way up until closing.

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Overall Satisfaction
Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
Vegetables (variety, freshness)
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