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Lemongrass Bistro

6840 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 592-1391
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User Reviews

Castle Rock
Not what I remember having in Hawaii but never the less, it satisfy's the Pho fix I needed. Service was great and prices reasonable. I'll be back.

Being from Southern California (San Diego and Los Angeles area), I have been accustomed to having had the best Pho in the US. I would consider myself as one of the harshest Pho critics in America and I can provide a very unbias and professional opinion. Lemongrass Restaurant has a very clean environment. The Pho here is just average. The broth is not as flavorful in comparison to those I've had. The portions are mediocre. The service though was very slow, especially when they are busy, such as lunch time. I was not impressed and feel their Pho is nothing to boast about.

I think it is important to realize that this place is NOT a pho restaurant. If you are looking for different varieties of pho (I like the rare meat one) this is not going to satisfy. I found the broth was weak-- though I don't know what the standard is, I just know what I like. I'm not from So. Cali, by any means-- merely have tastebuds and a spot I like to hit up in highlands ranch.

However, this place DOES have pho on the menu. It will take a lifetime to reach your table and is more expensive while less substantial than a typical phofan is accustomed to-- but if you are too lazy to drive 5 more miles down N. Academy then this MIGHT satisfy. It didn't for me-- it was a very anti-climatic experience. I recommend trying Pho54. It is the only other spot in the springs I have tried. It is not pretty-- and I've found that to indicate quality pho :)

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