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Pho Hau

12089 W. Alameda Pkwy
Lakewood, CO 80228
(303) 988-0755
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Broth (flavor, fragrance, clarity)
Noodles (texture, clumpiness)
Meat (tenderness, quality)
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User Reviews

Unbelievable value! The large is about (seriously) 12" in diameter, and 6" deep,and costs $6! My new favorite restaraunt!

Just awesome, I have been looking for a good pho place on the westside of town, and this by far is the best. Oh, and they also have the pork sandwich, that I have been looking for since I moved to Denver.

The pork sandwich is good but don't come for the soup. Large bowl is $8 not $6 and the noodles are like pudding! I couldn't even get them to my spoon before the broke all apart.

In town a lot from DC and I love this place. I leave full and very happy everytime, def. some of the best pho I've had... and their garden rolls = fantastic

Worst pho and boba I have ever had. Broth was horrible. Portions small for price. Boba was dry. Fruit tasted freezer burnt and it was a dollar more than other phos

Popped in late morning on a weekday 4/12. Place was clean and accessible enough. Decorated okay. Ordered cha gio ($4.50) and a large tai chin nam ($8.75).

You get two egg rolls on a small plate, and they were not bad...decent texture, crunchy. The thing that sucked was they gave me a little bitty piece of lettuce. The presentation was probably the smallest I have ever seen. Just two rolls, a little piece of lettuce, and a very small portion of shaved carrots. I had to ask for more lettuce. The fish sauce was unusually sweet. They may be experimenting to American tastes. Regardless, the rolls were decent. Not memorable, but decent.

The veggies for the soup were fresh and an adequate amount was served. The large bowl is fairly big, but not as big as some spots. The biggest bowl in Denver is Pho Saigon in the Tech Center, but this one was pretty good size.

The broth was darker than I am used to, and smelled decent. The noodles were overcooked, kind of rubbery. Another reviewer mentioned something about them falling apart. This was the case with me. They tasted good, but were just not quite cooked right or something. The best thing about the soup though was the meats. All three meats I ordered were fresh and very tasty. And plenty of them. Very generous with the meats.

The service was great. Very attentive waiters but not pushy at all. Just right. I think my bill was a bit more than 14 bucks.

I don't think there are very many choices on this side of Denver for pho, and I had to drive a bit off my normal route to go there. It hit the spot. When I need a pho fix and am in that part of town, I will return. Not the greatest, but it will satisfy. I will probably try the bun next time.

#11 Thit Nuong Rau Banh Trang/pork beef
#12 Ga Nuong Rau Song Banh Trang/chicken
The most amazing, build your own spring rolls! Friends come down from Vail just for this meal! YUM! The bowls are delicious as well. Best Pho in the Golden/Lakewood area!

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