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Mr Pho

1133 Nw 25th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 525-7692


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User Reviews

Wylie in Norman
I do not claim to be a pho "expert", but I love the pho at this place and find myself returning again and again for the pho, cha gio and friendly service.

The menu lists approximately 12 varieties of pho, although I usually stick to two or three favorites like tai nam, in three sizes. The "small" makes a very nice lunch portion for about $4. If you are really hungry, a "large" for about $6.50 is more than enough (probably would feed two, to be honest). Plenty of fresh sprouts, basil and sawleaf served with each bowl, as well as a couple quarters of lime and sliced fresh peppers (I suspect jalapeƱo here in OK). Of course the chili and plum sauce is available in abundance at each table also. Everything the pho aficionado needs to prepare a delicious bowl of his/her favorite! Finish your meal off with a fun fruit-flavored "bubble" drink (Vietnamese coffee and a variety of teas are available also.)

Finding Mr. Pho's isn't difficult, just look a couple of blocks north of the "milk bottle" for the huge orange palm trees that mark the property of the enormous Super Cao Nguyen Asian market - Mr. Pho's is in the attached "strip mall" section on the south side of the building, right up front next to the giant teapot fountain. If you're lucky (or very early or late), you can get a seat next to the window with a view of the fountain/koi pond. You can park in the market parking lot on the west side, along the street next to the restaurant (25th), or in the "rear" parking area on the east side (with it's own orange palms) in the shadow of the huge gothic First Presbyterian Church (there is a door that leads through the mall area on the inside to the restaurant). Rent some Vietnamese-language movies while you're there, if you're so inclined!

Be sure to give their pho a try if you're in the vicinity for lunch or dinner (but don't stay too late - the neighborhood is a little iffy for late night and hence they close around 8pm).

Karen G
I love this place. I eat here at least 3x a week.

OOOOooohhhh... Mr. Pho...... The best pho ever.

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