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Pho Nhu Vu

1146 Pulaski Highway
Bear, DE 19701
(302) 595-2529


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User Reviews

This restaurant opened a few weeks ago and we tried it for the first time tonight. The menu consists mostly of Pho which you would expect at a noodle shop, but it also has some appetizers and other rice and vermicelli dishes. I was excited to see Vietnamese beef stew on their menu; it took me back to visiting my Vietnamese friends’ homes in college. I’ll be trying that next time. We got the Pho this time, and it was good. The meat was tender and the noodles perfectly cooked. The side toppings need a little more variety, but they were fresh and flavorful. We finished the meal out with iced coffee, another treat. The décor may be plain, but the service is quick and attentive. It’s a great place for a quick, informal dinner or lunch.

Very clean and great pho.

Much cleaner and food better presented than the places in Washington St. in Philly. Owners are very courteous. Spring rolls are excellent, very hot when served. A great find!

The pho is good, but not great. It is certainly good enough to save you a trip to Philly, but in general [1] The broth is not as savory, [2] You don't get as much meat, [3] The "large" bowls are not that big, [4] The bowls cost about $2 more, and [5] The appetizers, while very good, are a bit pricey.

Perhaps it isn't fair to compare to competitors who are an hour away, though. They do indeed blow every other Vietnamese restaurant in Delaware out of the water.

I love this place. The pho is really good. Vermicelli bowls very nearly as good my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Philly. The avocado smoothies are amazing. The staff was friendly and helpful no matter how busy they were.

Best Pho in Delaware

I was ecstatic when the restaurant came to town. We used to have to drive to Philadelphia to get our Pho fix. It is our favorite restaurant. We go here on a weekly basis. Excellent!! Large #30 here I come.

Great Pho, delicious eggrolls, excellent service ... Broth is clear and yet so tasty. Thumbs up!

They have the best Pho soup here in Delaware. My friends and I have been back there quite a few times and have been very happy with the food, atmosphere and the prompt service. Their soup may be better then the Pho places in Philly. Worth a try.

Everything is good here including our favorite Pho soup. The hot and sour seafood soup is better than that of restaurants in Philadelphia.

Mike and Debbie
The Pho is excellent here. The staff is nice and polite. A delicious new find!!!

Best Pho soup we have ever had in Delaware. We love the eggrolls and #31. A great place to have a quick, casual and cheap lunch or dinner. Service is exceptional BTW.

Best Pho restaurant I've found.

The Jersey guy
They have the best texture and flavor in the beef and chicken broth around here. We stopped by on a rainy, cold Autumn day and everyone was happy with the hot, delicious, healthy soup bowls. The eggrolls are also worth a try.

I was really exhausted and feeling down after shoveling snow during this never-ending storm ... A Google search for a hot bowl of soup took me to Pho Nhu Vu and here I really found comfort in their #31. I just hang my head over that bowl of steaming hot Pho soup and feeling the stress of the world melt away in front of me. Be it your head or arms or sore back that needs soothing and pampering, the magical elixir of clear, healthy and tasty beef broth and noodles they serve you here inspires lust and relief in equal measure. The servers are friendly and helpful who make sure you are seated promptly with a cup of hot tea and minutes later a bowl of Pho in front of you . Every bowl comes with the requisite garnishes to make your soup as spicy, salty, tangy, or crunchy as you like. All that for less than $10.00. Do not forget to try their eggrolls before leaving. 2 thumb-ups.

We really enjoyed the Pho soup. Their eggrolls are the best and service is very good as well.

As their web site says, "Phở Nhý Vũ was founded by Phở lovers for Phở lovers." The broth actually tastes like broth, unlike other places we've been where it tastes like water. The meat is always tender, and the bean sprouts and basil leaves are always fresh. Definitely worth going out of the way for.

One of the best Vietnamese restaurants we've ever been to. This small and clean restaurant has become our eating post on our trips to and from the beach this summer. A great find. We try a different entree each visit and we enjoy the consistent quality, taste of their food as well as the prompt service every time. Their food is great specially the Pho bowls. We now understand why most customers around us have the steaming bowls on their tables ... Pho (the traditional Vietnamese soup with rice noodles) is delicious and healthy comfort food that one can enjoy any time of the day. Highly recommended.

John Anderson
I visited Delaware from Toronto and I had to agree with other positive comments about this Pho shop. The Pho broth here is the best, better than many Pho restaurants I have been to. If you want a good bowl of delicious Pho soup, this is it.

Thrilled to have authenticity without making the trip to Philly. Good stuff! Nice people! Great prices!

Brian M
Nothing tastes better than a hot bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup on this cold winter day. We found ours here at this Pho place. Enjoyed it. Great price, too. Recommended!

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